Microsoft asked for a series of blog posts meant to encourage enrollment in Microsoft Learning Program workshops and courses. And they wanted them written in the everyday, non-techie voice that distinguishes the brand. Below are two from that series.
Microsoft Learning: Windows 10 blog post

There's a lot of hype around Windows 10—and for good reason. The latest and certainly greatest Windows has a lot to offer in the way of new and enhanced productivity-boosting features and functionality. Not to mention the streamlined user experience.

We know, we know—tell you something you don't know. Well, how about this: Over the next several weeks, we'll be feeding you tasty bits of techie details through a series of blog posts. Interested? You should be. Because in these blog posts you'll get a sneak peek at Windows 10 concepts that our Learning Partners will be teaching in upcoming workshops and social courses (absolute can't-miss sessions, by the way, so check them out).

Perhaps you're curious about the Windows 10 modern approach to antivirus. Then you should return (or better yet, subscribe) to our blog to get the deets. And there's plenty more where that came from. So stay tuned. After all, the more you know, the more fun it is to impress your peers.

Microsoft Learning: Windows 10 Features blog post

Let's talk Windows 10 security. In today's era of uber-connectivity, advanced enterprise security ranks at the tippy top of the list of absolute must-haves. Times, as they say, are changing, as are methods used to compromise cyber security. Things are far more complex than they've ever been. And as we developed Windows 10, we recognized that different times call for different methods.

Among the robust new security enhancements that Windows 10 brought to the IT table is Device Guard, a modern approach to antivirus. Device Guard is distinctly better in two main ways. First, it allows devices to be restricted to running only software deemed to be safe by checking the file's cryptographic signature. This includes apps developed in-house as well as traditional Windows apps. It also provides advanced malware protection against new and unknown malware variants.

Want to know more? Look for our Learning Partners who are offering half-day Windows 10 workshops for an introductory first look at Windows 10 technical features and functionality, including Device Guard, Windows Hello, and Microsoft Passport. You'll also see a demonstration of how to implement Windows 10 in an enterprise environment. And that's just the beginning.

Contact your local Learning Partner to reserve your spot now for Microsoft official Windows 10 hands-on workshops and courses.
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