My resume details WHAT I've achieved. But, isn't knowing HOW I achieved those things a lot more telling? I think so. Here goes.

My approach as a strong creative leader is to be:

Authentic—because it builds trust. That’s key to building a close-knit team where everyone is willing to put themselves out there, build off each other’s ideas, and take risks.

Humble—because I don’t have all the answers. The beauty of being a strong leader is that I don’t have to. If each person on my team is contributing their unique perspective, style, and approach in order to find the best way forward, it's a win. 

Patientbecause everyone is different in what motivates them, derails them, defeats them, etc. My job as a leader is to take the time to understand what each person on my team needs to succeed, even when they themselves don’t know. 

 “Extremely accountable and reliable. Strong work ethic. Totally gets the job done—always. Excellent people manager, providing fairness and candor. She’s committed to the outcome, solving issues daily that I don’t even know about.”  —Former manager
“I could write a few paragraphs about what a positive and organized manager you are, what an efficient and hard-working colleague you are, and what a hysterically funny human you are, but I think I can sum it up by saying that whenever I interacted with you, it was a positive experience. You have the uncanny ability to see the sticking point in a project and to put together just the right solution to move beyond it. I am better at my job for having worked with you.” —Former direct report
My approach as an inspired creative is to:

Be curious—I ask questions. Pursue answers. Challenge assumptions. Wonder: What if? And: Why not? And: How so? 

Know at least a little about a lot—I'm energized by learning and by keeping up with what's happening in all facets of life. You never know when what seemed like a random bit of information will inspire great content. 

Learn from successes and from setbacks—I view every outcome, good or not so much, as a lesson in how to do things differently and/or better the next time. 

“Amanda has a unique talent for simplifying the complex with a writing style that's both sophisticated and approachable. Her enthusiasm and professionalism for each assignment is genuine. She's as authentic as they come.” —Agency VP​​​​​​​
“Seriously, how are you this good?!?” —CMO at a multibillion-dollar company
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